How to increase productivity with Rocket BlueZone Web

How to increase productivity with Rocket BlueZone Web

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November 15, 2017 - 01:00pm EST

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Your workforce is at their best when they're helping customers or completing jobs, not running back and forth between the shop floor or warehouse and a workstation in the back.

Rocket BlueZone Web provides quick and easy access to host-based applications from web and mobile devices, letting your team answer questions from the customer’s side or work more efficiently, unchained from a terminal. BlueZone Web gives existing BlueZone customers a complementary solution to unlock new mobile use cases for workers who depend on access to host systems, but do most of their work away from a workstation.

Join us to learn how Rocket BlueZone Web delivers secure terminal emulation anytime, anywhere, on any device.

We’ll show how you can: 

  • Provide a browser-based terminal interface that runs on any laptop, tablet or smartphone 
  • Replace expensive desktops and laptops with lower-cost tablets 
  • Lower licensing and IT overhead costs, and reduce maintenance expenses