Rocket Discover and Rocket CorBusiness

Enhance CorBusiness dashboarding

You’ve already invested in Rocket® CorBusiness, an operational BI tool.Now you can get even more out of your investment by making CorBusiness content available to business users for self-service analysis, without having to rely on IT.The combination of CorBusiness and Rocket® Discover empowers the entire organization with the data access and discovery you need to keep your business competitive.

Rocket Discover
Extend the value of CorBusiness data to business users

Rocket Discover makes it easier to meet the shifting demands of business intelligence.While operational reports will always be required for some decisions, other decisions require immediate information access and discovery.Business users can now leverage CorBusiness data sets to quickly and easily create ad-hoc queries and dynamic dashboards that present the information they need when they need it, and in their preferred formats.Technical users can still address complex data prep requirements with CorBusiness, but business users can perform simpler data enrichment with Discover.

Make business users self-sufficient with data discovery

Rocket Discover gives CorBusiness executives and line-of-business owners a fast and easy way to connect to, explore, and share data.This hands-on approach to BI exploration and visualization provides deeper insights into enterprise data to help your business compete more effectively.With self-service discovery, users don’t need programming skills to create their own reports.Dashboards come together quickly using a simple drag-and-drop interface, adding fields, sorting, filtering, and manipulating data as the need arises.

Improve decision-making with real-time collaboration

Business profits when colleagues collaborate.Discover allows users to review performance results, strategy, and opportunities—all while gaining new insights.Users can share dashboards with team members by simply dragging them into the chat window for instant collaboration to ensure they’re making informed decisions.Users can set view or edit access to each dashboard so that other colleagues can leverage that work to refine the assets so the originator can make more informed decisions.