Rocket BlueZoneX

Connect to X Windows applications from desktop PCs

Rocket® BlueZoneX is a PC X server that lets you connect quickly and easily to X Windows applications running on UNIX and Linux platforms.Run even the most demanding 3D graphics applications (normally accessed only through UNIX workstations) right from desktop PCs.

Superior performance, lower cost

Rocket BlueZoneX is a complete PC X server solution that lets you connect quickly and easily to X Window applications running on UNIX and Linux platforms. 

BlueZoneX includes SSH security, Open GL graphics, multiple desktop and multiple monitor support, copy and paste of text and graphics, FIPS 140-2 compliance, and a session distribution wizard for simplifed administration—all included in a single product at one low price.Also, BlueZoneX has a flexible licensing model, including named or concurrent user options.

Deliver superior performance at three to five times less cost per seat.

Boost your team's productivity

With Rocket BlueZoneX Terminal Emulator, users can simultaneously work with PC applications, X Window applications and, of course, browser applications—all from one PC desktop.BlueZoneX supports Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 as well as a Windows/Citrix server.Each license can be used in any of these environments and all are available from a single installation menu. 

Security is built-in

BlueZoneX supports RSH, REXEC, and XDMCP protocols, as well as Secure Shell (SSH).Unlike other PC X servers, the SSH is built into the product at no additional charge.