Rocket BlueZone Web

Rocket BlueZone Web

Real-time access to host-based applications and data any time, anywhere

Rocket BlueZone Web delivers secure, real-time access to host-based applications and data any time, anywhere–and on any device. Meet your goals for digital transformation, application modernization, and other business needs faster. Make business users instantly productive and more responsive to customer support requests with Rocket BlueZone Web.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Help your employees serve your customers better

Rocket BlueZone Web delivers a secure, browser-based emulation experience to any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices – whatever you need to best serve customers. Unchain your users from fixed terminals so they can be more productive and deliver better customer support.

Rocket BlueZone Web can empower your in-store sales force with a secure, web-based solution that allows anyone on the floor to leverage any mobile device and remain as focused as possible on the customer. Your employees will save time and boost operational productivity with the ability to check stock levels directly from a stock yard, warehouse, or wherever they may be located.

Secure, terminal emulation with zero-footprint

With Rocket BlueZone Web, you can give users access to host-based applications and data—anywhere, any time, and at reasonable cost.

BlueZone Web uses common Web standards end-to-end—Node.js, JavaScript, and HTTPS, SSL/TLS and SSH security and HTML5 web browsers—to provide a secure and intuitive terminal emulation experience. There’s no need for platform-specific client-software development, updates, or training—with nothing to install locally, and no plugins required. Security runs on the host through built-in connections to LDAP or SAF (RACF) for authentication, or you can use your installed identity management software.

Simple deployment and reduced IT overhead

Rocket BlueZone Web replaces code-heavy green-screen emulators with a secure, modern architecture. BlueZone Web has no local footprint for end users, and the terminal experience is delivered through a browser. Your users can access host-based applications and data from laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and other devices, with no local software to install or maintain. With simpler deployment, your overhead costs will be lower, and with web-based functionality you can consider replacing expensive PCs with lower-cost options for further savings.

Rocket BlueZone Web is not only ideal for new emulation applications, it’s also complementary to Rocket BlueZone desktop implementations. And our flexible, audit-free licensing makes BlueZone Web easy and affordable to buy.