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For more than 26 years, Rocket Software has been developing software solutions that help global organizations run their critical infrastructure and innovate for the future.

Rocket Knows Infrastructure

Mit Rocket ALM Tools können Sie durch Zeit sparen.
Warum Zeit mit der manuellen Verwaltung Ihrer Speicherumgebung verschwenden? Automatisieren Sie Ihre Archivierungs- und Backup-Prozesse, damit Ihr Team stattdessen an Projekten arbeiten kann, die Ihr Unternehmen wachsen lassen.
Streamline the compliance process to improve uptime, customer satisfaction and security
Moving data from your mainframe to other platforms for analysis wastes precious time and CPU cycles.Data virtualization gives you real-time access to data, regardless of location or format.
Rocket brings innovations to the IBM i platform that let you take advantage of the latest technologies for web, mobile, analytics, and cloud—extending and protecting your IBM i investments.
We’ve been helping companies around the world maximize the value of their mainframe investments for over 26 years, and we can’t wait to help you solve your most important business problems.
Tauschen Sie Ihre bestehende IT-Infrastruktur nicht aus – modernisieren Sie sie!
Our tools are flexible, cost effective, and offer the performance you need for today’s connected applications.

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Share business data and documents with your global ecosystem—quickly and securely.
We make it easy to discover, analyze, and visualize your data so you can make better decisions—faster. Verwandeln Sie Ihre Geschäftsdaten in Unternehmensressourcen!
Bewahren Sie die Datenintegrität, minimieren Sie die betrieblichen Unterbrechungen und senken Sie die Kosten für Bandmedien.
Ensure that your resources and activities are aligned to your business goals and objectives.
Search, index, and analyze both structured and unstructured data to gain new business insights and intelligence.
Haben Sie alles im Blick, was in Ihrem Netzwerk passiert, um die Verfügbarkeit zu maximieren und Störungen zu minimieren.
Get full access to your terminal-based applications in modern desktop, browser, and mobile interfaces.Our solutions provide the access and functionality you need at a lower cost than comparable options.