Real-time access to mainframe data—regardless of location or format


Why Choose Rocket Data Virtualization?

Stop moving your data off the mainframe.Rocket® Data Virtualization solutions make it easy to (virtually) integrate data from multiple, disconnected sources into a new single, logical data source that can be accessed in real-time by your applications (BI, analytics, cloud, or mobile), without regard to location or format.Valuable information can be shared across the enterprise, giving users insight into evolving customer expectations, competitive threats, and emerging market opportunities.

Rocket Data Virtualization solutions are easy to use, giving developers with no mainframe experience familiar interfaces they can leverage to access and utilize mainframe data, all without the cost and complexity of technologies that extract, transform, and load data across your enterprise.

Mainframe data access made easy

Data virtualization on z/OS eliminates the complexity of working with mainframe resources. Using data virtualization, you can knit data from multiple, disconnected sources into a single logical data source, making it much easier to connect mainframe data with your distributed applications:

  • Use mainframe data in place—no mainframe skills required
  • Developers access data directly using familiar environments such as SQL
  • Integrate mainframe data and applications
Curate, virtualize, and enable mainframe data for real-time access

With data  virtualization, you map mainframe data once to leverage it for multiple applications and all of the associated benefits.  By documenting your institutional knowledge just once – the expertise of your mainframe DBAs and data experts – you open access to any developer and to any application in the future.

  • Reduce demands on mainframe staff and bridge skills gap
  • Offload data prep from developers
  • Virtualize anything, for access anywhere
Accelerate digital transformation

 Data Virtualization provides the real-time data essential to exploit new digital technologies, such as web, mobile, cloud, and real-time analytics. Data virtualization masks the underlying mainframe data implementations from the application developer, making it easy to expose mainframe assets as APIs that developers can use to incorporate data and transactions into mobile and cloud applications.

  • Improve developer productivity
  • Unleash your highest-value data assets to the API economy
  • Streamline enterprise integration
Reduce the cost and complexity of ETL data movement

ETL and data warehousing—the state of the art for two decades—are now struggling to support the requirements of mobile, cloud, and analytics applications, along with today’s data volumes. Rocket Data Virtualization integrates with your existing data architecture as a faster, more cost-effective means of addressing data access needs.

  • Use less mainframe capacity while getting real-time data for applications
  • Optimize your existing ETL processes
  • Create a logical data warehouse
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