Empower sales with enhanced customer insight from real-time data

Combine disparate data sources virtually for a single view of the customer

Almost every credit card swipe or processed check involves a mainframe.Without easy access to mainframe data it’s impossible to get a single, comprehensive view of your customer, and ETL and data warehouses combine to deliver outdated information.With Rocket Data Virtualization, mainframe data is available immediately to enhance customer insights and drive real-time relationship marketing.

Rocket Data Virtualization
Leverage real-time insight to attract and retain customers

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s harder to attract and retain customers.Progressive business leaders are turning to real-time data and analytics to identify customer preferences and drive targeted marketing.Older data architectures lack the agility to integrate multiple data formats (mainframe, relational, unstructured) in real time.

Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV) unlocks mainframe data to deliver the comprehensive, real-time customer insights sales and marketing need to engage customers with well-timed offerings.With RDV, business leaders can now use enterprise data to increase their competitive advantage, making it easier to understand customers, build loyalty, and increase sales.