BI und Analyse

Quickly discover and unlock insights from any source

Creating reports, dashboards, and briefing books has never been faster

You have business data that resides on a variety of sources, from desktops to database servers to mainframes.When your teams are trying to uncover insights and trends, they need an easy way to access all of the data available to them—regardless of source.

Rocket BI und Analyse
Your data, your way

Rocket® Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions make it easy to discover, access, and federate all of your business data in a single location, as well as prepare it for use by end users—without the need for separate tools.With our rich heritage in data preparation and enrichment, distributed and disparate data systems won’t present barriers to implementing a streamlined and automated BI and reporting program.Creating reports, dashboards, and briefing books has never been faster, and using that information to make better business decisions has never been easier.