Customer Case Studies

1761 Eldorado Hotel Casino United States
1771 Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance

Grinnell Mutual a provider of reinsurance for over 300 smaller farm mutual insurance companies across the Midwest, found themselves facing a challenge when they decided to bring the development of web application projects in house. They selected Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager and were able to create a unified environment for their multiple applications, platforms, and locations. United States
1901 Danny’s Automotive

Danny’s Automotive, a leading supplier of automotive parts in Southern Africa, has improved efficiency, expanded management decision making and become more competitive through its use of solutions based on Rocket U2 software. South Africa
1906 The Planning Inspectorate

The Planning Inspectorate uses CACI OfficeBase, powered by Rocket U2, to increase efficiency in managing more than 20,000 cases a year. United Kingdom
1911 1mage

Colorado Adoptions powers electronic records management with 1mage Software and UniVerse database technology. United States
1916 Land Title

Land Title automated its paper-based document and image management systems using UniData database technology. United States
1921 Valmont

Valmont uses CSSP’s CHEOPS data management system, built on Rocket U2, to standardize, process and analyse high volumes of data in real time, ensuring effective planning and completion of construction projects. Australia
1926 Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College uses Ellucian powered by Rocket U2 to manage educational programs for more than 6500+ students on three campuses. United States
1931 RATEX Business Solutions

VisualRATEX, the flagship product of RATEX Business Solutions (RBS), integrates college store operations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Powered by Rocket U2 software, RBS provides a full array of professional business management services to help independent stores maximize the capabilities of VisualRATEX and streamline their operations. United States
1941 Greenray

Greenray uses Rocket U2 technology to manage sales, purchasing, and procurement for its sales of gas turbine equipment around the globe. United Kingdom