Implements Rocket to Cost-Effectively Scale Business

Field Service Management


Headquartered in Cheshire, Kirona is a leading provider of mobile workforce automation and field service optimization solutions in the United Kingdom. More than 60,000 field-based workers around the world rely on Kirona software to help increase the number of jobs they complete each day—while reducing travel costs, administration, and overhead. The Kirona portfolio enables organizations with a mobile workforce to schedule jobs automatically. Client companies can also monitor progress in real time, optimizing the location and tracking of field-based workers to deliver more responsive customer service. Kirona’s Virtual Private Cloud enables applications to be fully integrated with existing back-end systems or rolled out as independent solutions. To date, Kirona has been especially successful in helping organizations in government, healthcare, housing, and utilities optimize their field-based workforces.


Kirona’s solution comprises two major components: software that identifies a job and the best person to do that job, and a mobile platform that effectively disseminates this information. The solution captures information about the job posting, then automatically dispatches the data through mobile applications to match jobs to employees as efficiently as possible. Every day, approximately 60,000 users process potentially millions of jobs that include dozens of individual transactions and complex scheduling requirements.


  • Rapidly scaled business to become a dominant player in mobile workforce automation
  • Averaged 25 percent increase in client efficiency, enabling clients to complete more jobs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Saved some clients £100,000+ on product implementations and delivery of job services


  • Data integration and orchestration of downstream systems

Rocket API
We ultimately selected LegaSuite API because of its ‘provenance.’ Rocket had completed thousands of implementations, proving the technology was repeatable and robust enough to manage what we saw as a small window to position ourselves as the dominant player in a rapidly emerging market.
Neil Harvey