Product Status Sheets

Product Status Sheets

The current status and latest version of each of Rocket’s core products (Current, Retired or End-of-Life releases and platforms) can be found by clicking on the product type below.

Status Sheets

Rocket Software maintains a product life cycle status for its products.The product status influences several factors including the purchase price, availability of support options, new system purchase and license add-ons, and the degree to which engineering maintenance services such as patches, updates and upgrades will be made available.

Rocket D3 Database Management System Products
Includes: Rocket D3 Database Management System, Rocket mvBase Database Management System and Rocket mvEnterprise

Connectivity Products
Includes: Rocket D3 MQSeries Server Interface, Rocket D3 Oracle Gateway, MVSP and Rocket D3 OpenDB

Web Integration Products
Includes: Rocket FlashConnect

Web Services Development Products
Includes: Rocket MVS Toolkit


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