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Backup costs spiraling out of control?
As unstructured data soars, curb its spiraling backup costs
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Discover your data and get to know it
Its age, owner, type, size, the last time it was exercised
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Quickly find, classify and archive stale data
No matter how large or diverse your file environment
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Reclaim your storage capacity!
Control your storage spending, save time and money. Simple.

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Arkivio Autostor

Effectively manage the explosive growth of unstructured data, integrating data and storage discovery, contextual classification, and automated management into one Intelligent file system archiving solution.

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Curb your spiraling backup costs

As the amount of unstructured data continues to soar, so does the cost to back it up. Unstructured data can escalate the costs of tier-one storage, compromise the backup and replication speed of data, and put a strain on the ever increasing demands for more storage. Find out how to keep your costs under control by attending our complimentary webinar.

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Understand your storage and data

All data is not equal, and it shouldn't be treated equally. With our complimentary storage assessment, we will provide the information required by storage managers to make informed decisions about storage usage forecasting, hardware/software acquisitions, meeting backup windows, aligning back-up and recovery operations with business requirements and developing the data retention policies best suited for their business organization.

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