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BI Tools and Data Responsibility
Traditionally, industry-leading BI tool vendors relied heavily on other technologies to access, transform, cleanse, integrate, and manage the data their tools would bring to life in the form of reports, briefing books and dashboards. Skilled IT professionals created data warehouses, data marts, OLAP cubes...
- Bob Potter, Senior VP, Business Information and Analytics
DB2 Change Accumulation Tool Tips
Data availability is the key to ensure your customers can do business around the clock. Many times, taking data offline for DB2 utility maintenance is difficult to do. But with the DB2 Change Accumulation Tool, you can easily take SHRLEVEL REFERENCE image copies...
- Jennifer Nelson, Product Specialist and Product Manager
The Cloud in 10 Years: Will It Be a Major Force, Have the Same Visibility in the Next Decade?
To get a glimpse into the future of cloud computing, it’s useful to look for analogies from the past in computing. It has been 30 years since the birth of the IBM PC. Its beginnings were humble and acceptance was slow, but a few years later something very special happened that would make the computer...
- Stephan Meyn, Professional Services Consultant
A bird’s eye view of TCO in Enterprise Search
That initial sticker shock that sends shivers down the spine. But occasionally you come across something that seems like a great deal like a new phone upgrade with that “introductory price” or a great deal on a new car with promises of glory and top dollar for your trade-in....
- Aaron Read, Sales Engineer, Folio/NXT Lab